about us

A network of likeminded passionate individuals from different occupations and backgrounds converging under a single goal of helping those in need.


Sati is a Buddhist Pali word which means mindfulness.  We are a collaborative medium which promotes mindfulness of those who are less fortunate.  We believe in mindfully finding problem and well as mindfully solving them.   Our not-for-profit organization focuses on improving health care and education for underserved children in Thailand.

Helping others is a very important and noble mission. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a volunteer team or a regular company that goes about its business. After all, all people need help and easier ways to solve various problems. For example, a student has been given a written assignment but does not have the time or skills to complete it. Therefore, he can choose an essay service ukwriting info and place an order. Soon enough he will get his task, which will be performed at a high level.