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mobile medical initiative

Preventive Medicine mobile initiative: There has always been a strong emphasis on finding cures for diseases and illness.  This is an extremely important issue, not only is curing the disease/sickness important but the prevention is as well.  Even if one disease is cured there will always be another one to take it’s place.  Many individuals in underserved areas lack the information needed in order for them to live a healthy disease free life.  Disease and sickness is more than often not an immediate occurrence but is due to years of bad habits and lack of proper screening.  People living in rural or remote areas have less contact with medical professionals and facilities therefore they do not receive the level of medical care that is available to the rest of us.  By providing them with the proper information they will the ability to be able to make the proper choices in their life regarding their health and well being.  The purpose of our preventive medicine mobile initiative is to bring facilities and medical professions to underserved areas.  The preventive role is to reach these individuals before it is too late and they are in need of lifelong medication and care.  Through simple screening procedures, education, and minor changes in lifestyle we can prevent the future occurrence of severe disease and health problems.