current project

The Thai education system is extremely competitive. In order to study at a university, an entrance exam must be taken. In addition to the education that is received in schools most children receive additional tutoring after school in order to receive a competitive edge. Because this can be quite costly it puts those who are less financially stable at a disadvantage. Our scholarship program provides the financial means for those who are unable to afford a proper education.   This may mean covering the costs of tutoring and expenses through their primary school years or providing university scholarships. Once a student has been selected for our scholarship program in order to maintain eligibility they must also become a volunteer in our mobile medical initiative as well. Our goal is develop an education system not purely based on information but as a development of character as well.  By allowing our scholarship students to volunteer as well we feel that this provides knowledge and experience that is invaluable.

Our first scholarship student whom we selected several years back when she was an M 5(10th grade) student at a school in Lad Prao, Bangkok, Thailand.  She is extremely bright, hard working, and has a 4.0 gpa but her family did not have the financial means to support her education.  She has dreams of becoming a pharmacist to support her family and help others in need.  We began by providing a scholarship and covering expenses so she could get after school tutoring in order for her to perform well on her entrance exams and get into pharmacy school.  She is now in her second year of pharmacy school and volunteers with us regularly as well.   We our extremely proud of her and feel that she will grow and continue to be a positive contributor to her community and society.  Please help us support her as well as other students like her.  Thank you.